Basic Rules

CulverLand Rules

The basic rules of the game can be found on the yellow squares of the gameboard (see image at right).

1. Stay on game board at all times.

2. When the color of a PASSING car on Culver Blvd. ROUGHLY matches the color of your square, move to the next square.

3. Different players choose different sides of Culver. Blvd. traffic to watch (Eastbound or Westbound).

4. Motorcycles are wild -- move ahead if ANY 2-wheeler passes on your side of Culver.

5. First one back to START square wins.

One suggestion that's not in the official rules is this: be generous with matching your car colors. There are a wide range of blues, greens, reds, and silver/grays. None will match the gameboard squares exactly. Does a turqoise car count as blue or green? I'd say both. Does a police car count as black or white? Both (but you can only use one color at time). Just keep the game moving. If it's close, go for it.


You have chosen to watch the Eastbound lane of traffic on Culver Blvd. You are standing on a black square. You are not allowed to move forward until a black car passes by you in the Eastbound lane.

Once a black car passes by, you move forward to the next square, and watch for a color that roughly matches that square.

Note: the car must PASS by you, OR pass through some portion of the intersection (of Culver Blvd. and Main Street) where the game is located.

Parked cars don't count. Seeing a car that matches your square somewhere down the street doesn't count either, unless it eventually passes THROUGH the intersection where the game is located.

Continue until you have made it all the way around the board. First one back to Start wins.


* Colors must ROUGHLY match -- If a passing car has any shade of the color you are standing on, that allows you to move forward. Light blue, dark blue -- they all allow you to move off the blue square. Obviously, there will be disputes as to whether certain blues are more "green" or "purple." It is up to the players to judge for themselves, and allow or disallow certain colors. But remember: whatever you do to one player regarding color judgments, will come back to haunt or help you later in the game.

* The color must cover at least 50 percent of the car (pinstripes and bumperstickers don't count).

* Multi-colored cars -- choose only ONE color of the car and use it for your move. Example: you are on a white square and a black-and-white police car passes. You may use the white on the police car to move off the white square. But if you then land on a black square, you can't use the black of the police car. In other words, you CAN'T use ONE vehicle for TWO squares, regardless of how many colors it has.

* Turning cars -- Some cars will turn onto your side of Culver Blvd. As long as they pass through some portion of the intersection, you can use that car for a move.


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Alternative Games

Stop Light CulverLand

Players choose an Eastbound or Westbound lane of Culver Blvd to watch.

Players jump ahead to squares that match the color of cars stopped at the traffic light on Culver Blvd.

Players can jump to more than one square, depending on how many cars are stopped at the light.

Strategy: choose the order of your jumps carefully to maximize the distance covered on the board.

Find Any Color Culverland

(submitted by Ava Derevlany)

Players move forward when they find any object in the nearby environment that matches the color of their square. Example: you're on a red square and see a RED stop sight.. Once you claim this item, you can move to the next square.

Each color item may only be claimed once. When a player claims that item, no other player may use it. Example: when the player claims the RED stop sign, no other player may claim that stoplight. Players must find ANOTHER red item in the area in order to move forward.

"CulverLand" drinking game

(submitted by anonymous)

Stroll across the "CulverLand" board game until you get very thristy. Stop. Look at the color of the square you are standing on. Go to any of the nearby bars in Culver City and get a drink that matches the color of that square (ex: red square - Bloody Mary; black square - Guiness; green square - Midori; white - White Russian; grey - dirty martini; blue... improvise).

Repeat until desired affect is achieved.

Take a taxi home. (United Taxi - 310-838-2122)