The Colors of CulverLand

Dupont 2009 Car Color Survey North America

The "CulverLand" game board colors were chosen based on Dupont's 2009 Automotive Color Popularity Survey for North America, pictured here. Two changes were made when creating the game.

1. To avoid confusion, silver and gray were combined into one square (which was painted a sort of "pewter" color).

2. Even though brown was more popular than green, we skipped this color for aesthetic reasons.

Square colors and car colors will never EXACTLY match, which is why we recommend in the rules to choose cars that "ROUGHLY" match the square.


Here is another chart from Dupont -- it almost looks like a gameboard grid already. Making the leap to turning this into an actual game was not difficult after seeing this.

Car Color Survey Chart that looks like a gameboard

At one point, I had considered an extremely complicated version of "CulverLand" that also involved a point system based on the type of car. For instance, as the chart indicates, "luxury" cars are rarely painted anything other than black, white, or silver/gray. So there would be some kind of large bonus for finding, say, a red or green Lexus.

But this got way too complicated.

However, players should feel free to expand on and create any rules they want, using this chart or anything else they can dream up.