John Derevlany Bio

John Derevlany consults with Harry Culver, Founder of CulverCity


John Derevlany is a TV writer, artist, animator, game designer, and transmedia producer who lives in Culver City, CA, with his wife and two kids.

Derevlany has written for more than 80 TV shows, and created or developed long-running programs such as "Gerald McBoing Boing," "Wayside," "Monster Buster Club," and "Jim Henson's Animal Jam." Future TV projects include "Lexi L8R," a live-action TV show that is simultaneously "broadcast" to viewers via SMS (text) messaging.

Derevlany is also developing a series of real world and electronic games that are driven by environmental game mechanics (such as traffic, weather, insects, pedestrian behavior, etc.). "CulverLand" is the first of these games to be produced. The game is inspired by simple gameplay and a love for Culver City.

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Kim and Mrs. CulverKim Derevlany

Kim Derevlany is a former TV executive and web entrepreneur who is responsible for anything that actually looks good on the "CulverLand" mural. She also lives here in Culver City, with her husband (John) and two kids. Kim cut all the stencils, and painted much of the artwork, including the logos and the parts where her husband took all the credit. But she doesn't mind. Really she doesn't. She is currently a room parent at El Marino Language School in Culver City, and trying to find a job before her husband ropes her into another underpaid and overworked art project with his name on it. You can contact her here: