About - Installation

See four days of installation in less than three minutes below.

"CulverLand" was installed primarily with a temporary marking paint called EZ Paint. Temporary marking paint is the kind of spray paint used by construction workers and road repair crews to mark underground utility lines. You can see these kind of paint marks on the streets and curbs of cities throughout the world. The paint is meant to be temporary, and typically fades after a few weeks or months.

EZ Paint cans

EZ Paint is a new kind of marking paint that is designed to fade even quicker, and to be even more ecologically friendly. Created by a Florida company, EZ Paint is primarily made of water and bio-degradable pigments. It contains no solvents and none of the toxins and carcinogens found in other marking paints. It is probably closer to a "souped-up sidewalk chalk" than actual paint. It is also designed to be removed with water only -- no toxic solvents or paint removers needed.

The only problem is if it rains (which it did, just after we installed CulverLand). The paints run, smear, and puddle. But at least they are environmentally-frierndly puddles.

Ian looks at big stencilInstallation of CulverLand also required more than a dozen rolls of masking tape, and a series of giant, plastic stencils that were hand-cut and painted by Kim Derevlany. Some of the stencils were more than 18-feet long, and required us to move furniture in our house to accomodate them. The picture at left shows our son Ian with the "Sponsored by Culver City" stencil, one of the smallest stencils used on the artwork.

Installation of the game was initially planned for two days, but ending up taking four days due to some issues with the paint (hey, it's eco-friendly, but it's not very easy to work with). Several of our installation days also had 100+ temperatures. In fact, that whole installation week had several record-setting heat days.

Then, the next week, we had several record-setting rainfall days.

And then, just when we were about to do our final touch-ups, a massive film crew for an Adam Sandler movie decided to drive over and park by our artwork.culverland game with cone

At the end of this process, we all pined to return to our normal game design tasks, which take place completely on computers. Normally, we are hidden behind video monitors, sheltered from the light of day, as well as heat, rain, traffic, passersby, and every other natural element we encountered during out installation.

Up Next: de-installation (scheduled for the beginning of November).